Telephonic Support

The Complex Case Management division received a referral from U-Care for Greta who had a spinal cord injury. Greta was a diabetic with a chronic foot wound. Greta had tripped in her kitchen, fell backwards and fractured her neck. Since then, she had had a very slow and difficult recovery.  When the complex case manager  first contacted Greta, she was wearing a neck brace and her progress was hindered by the development of cardiac problems.

The case manager immediately suggested changes to Greta’s diet in order to help get her diabetes under control as well as increase protein intake for wound healing. In addition, a call was made to her primary care provider to arrange an order for and initiate an in-home physical therapist/occupational therapist (PT/OT),  to get a new heavy duty walker and get a referral to orthotics for shoe inserts as well as podiatry for ongoing foot care. Due to numerous episodes of dizziness, the case manager also referred Greta to a cardiologist and she is now wearing a heart monitor for diagnostic purposes.

Through multiple conversations, the case manager identified the staircase in the home as a safety issue and was able to recommend alternative housing options. Greta has now decided to move out of her house of 45 years and into a handicap accessible condo. Greta is excited about moving and is interested in  driving again once approved by her PT/OT.