Jennifer, Volunteer

2013-07-11-10.33.50_webSince 2012, Jennifer started expanding her skills as a Licensed Massage Therapist. When a friend suggested she use her skills for hospice care, Jennifer welcomed the opportunity. Typically, she sees a patient every other week, assesses  their condition, noting any changes from the last visit, and gives comfort and pain relief through massage.

One of Jennifer’s favorite memory was discovering that a patient happened to be a someone she had been delivering Meals on Wheels to for the past 5 years! Jennifer felt especially connected to the patient and when the patient passed away at nearly 100 years old, Jennifer expressed, “It was a privilege to be a part of her life for that long.”

The support she receives from family and friends helps Jennifer continue to serve. She explains that loved ones are proud that she can handle working with people who are at the end of life. While, she has volunteered at nursing homes before, volunteering with Hospice of the Twin Cities has been special and unique since it allows her to use her massage skills.

Hospice of the Twin Cities is grateful for the dedication of volunteers like Jennifer! If you’re interested in volunteering with Hospice, feel free to contact the office at 763-531-2424, fill out a VolunteerApplication or find more information here.