Jennifer, Unstoppable

Jennifer was 16 years old and in high school when she became pregnant. At 13 weeks of pregnancy, she enrolled in MVNA’s Nurse Family Partnership program. Jennifer expressed concerns about how she would balance her dreams of college and the upcoming care of a baby. With the assistance of her nurse, she transferred to a school for pregnant and parenting teens and soon after, she had a full-term baby boy, Sam.

Showing no signs of stopping, Jennifer continued with her schooling through home tutoring after delivering her son. She returned to school when her baby was 2 months old. Jennifer graduated 6 months early from high school and worked retail for the rest of the school year. Her determination paid off and Jennifer was able to start college the following fall. Not surprisingly, Jennifer completed her first semester of college with all A’s. She continues in the Nurse Family Partnership and is enthusiastic about learning child development and positive parenting techniques.