Independent Annie

After a hospital stay or an acute illness, oftentimes a client has additional physical and social health needs. MVNA Registered Nurses not only see to the physical health of their clients, they also make referrals to an MVNA Medical Social Worker or Community Health Worker (CHW) to provide support for other barriers faced by the client. For example, a client might need help finding housing, resources to for their mental health needs or food assistance.

Annie, aged 55, was referred to MVNA after she slipped and fell, injuring her back. Her MVNA nurse referred her to the CHW for assistance with receiving a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and transportation services. Annie had no knowledge of where to start or who to call to get PCA services. The CHW helped her understand the options. She was able to apply and receive PCA services from an agency of her choice.

In addition, Annie also felt like a burden to those who provided transportation for her many appointments. These people included neighbors and family members. The CHW helped Annie to connect with Metro Mobility transportation services so that she could be more independent. Today, Annie is progressing in her physical therapy program and has a PCA. She continues to use Metro Mobility to get to her medical appointments.