Henry, from Hospital to Home

A patient enters hospice when a cure is no longer their goal. Henry’s story demonstrated the incredible teamwork involved sot hat he would live the end of his life more fully at home.

Henry is terminally ill and had a tube to aid his breathing. As his condition worsened, his family agreed to remove the tube and bring him home. The primary physician rode alongside Henry on his journey home. They were greeted by Hospice of the Twin Cities staff who had everything ready to assist with Henry’s transition.

Not only was Henry greeted by Hospice staff, his family was present with Orange JuliusĀ® drinks! The family felt the day called for a spirit of ‘homecoming’ rather than ‘good-byes,’ and wanted to have Henry’s favorite drink to toast a life well-lived.

After the physician removed the airway tube, Henry started to breathe on his own. He even managed to walk out to the dining table and sip on an Orange JuliusĀ®!

After three weeks, Henry is still breathing on his own. Although his story has not yet come to an end, Hospice staff work to ease Henry’s physical, emotional and spiritual pain so that he can focus on what matters most to him in his last days, being home with family.