Help at last!

troubled-teenTina is a middle school student struggling with a number of issues: anxiety, depression, ADHD and poor vision. On top of this, Tina is the fourth of five children being raised by her single mother. Poor mental health amounted to countless missed days at school, prompting the school to be in constant contact with her mother. Tina even let her mom know she had failed a vision exam at school. Tina’s mom was overwhelmed and struggled to support her, even to the point where she wondered if Tina was just acting out to get attention.

The MVNA school nurse consultant was asked to advise on Tina’s situation. It was obvious that a support network with open communication lines needed to be established. Tina needed help, not just from her mom and school, but especially County services to help refer Tina to mental health services and other support for the family. The nurse consultant was able to get child, parent, school and County services to understand they needed to work together to improve Tina’s situation.

Now there is a coordinated effort between all the parties to understand and provide for Tina’s struggles and needs. With the coordinated care, Tina feels she is no longer treated like a criminal or victim. Instead, she is surrounded by supportive adults who want her to be a successful and happy teenager.