Eunice, PHN

Eunice is a Public Health Nurse (PHN) with the Personal Care Assistance (PCA) program. She describes a typical day as “I visit clients who have mental or physical disabilities that limit their ability to complete activities of daily living independently. Visits take place in their homes and my job is to assess the client’s ability to care for themselves in their environment and recommend adaptations to increase independence. This allows me to assess the client’s need for a PCA and connecting him/her to resources in the community that would help to increase their quality of life. These services help clients continue living in their homes despite their health problems.”

Making a difference in the lives of her clients is the drive behind Eunice’s work: “Connecting clients to resources will help improve their quality of life. As a PHN, nothing is more fulfilling than a ‘thank you’ from a licent who feels I have had a positive impact on his/her life.”

Although Eunice appears as a one-man team, she gives much of the credit to her colleagues, “…working at MVNA is such a joy knowing that even though I am out in the field alone, I can always reach out to my co-workers for assistance when I need them. MVNA has definitely given me the platform to make a difference in the community!”