Mission, Vision, Values & History


Improving lives at every age through home and community health services.


Using compassion and ingenuity to profoundly impact the health and independence of individuals, families and communities.


Competence – enhancing individual and collective learning to increase the capacity to integrate skills and health care knowledge, mobility and performance.

Excellence – utilizing quality measures in all aspects of care and service delivery.

Collaboration – working together across boundaries, seeking innovative ideas and sharing solutions.

Respect – providing access to culturally-competent services.

Resourcefulness – maintaining financial sustainability through diversity of funding and services.

Compassion – caring about those who are in crisis, less fortunate and in need of public health and community prevention health services.


In 1902, the Associated Charities of Minneapolis met to discuss the need for ‘in-home nursing care’ for the poor. This discussion prompted the hiring of one full-time nurse who walked on foot to client home and charged $.25 a visit for those who could afford it. From there, more nurses were hired to meet the needs of the community. The outbreak of tuberculosis in the 1900s yielded camps for infected children run by the early MVNA nurses. Young mothers and the proper care of babies became a focal point as infant mortality was slightly over 10% around 1910 and the teens. Soon after, MVNA expanded its care to the ‘Incurables,’ the terminally ill.

Home nursing visits was the founding service of MVNA and remains today. Skilled nursing services, including the treatment of wounds post-hospital, proper medication management, follow up on doctor appointments and public health services rank highest in needs. MVNA celebrates over 110 years of being a safety net provider to clients of all ages, providing prenatal, parenting, chronic disease management, prevention, wellness, end-of-life and bereavement services. Our staff is truly interdisciplinary, from nurses to social workers, aides and others working for the holistic healing of each of our clients/patients.

Last year, MVNA served nearly 24,000 individuals and 440 hospice patients, requiring over 76,000 home visits, interpreting in 36 languages and serving 49 counties in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.