MVNA joins the Hennepin Healthcare System

Together. Stronger. MVNA and Hennepin Healthcare System partner up!

MVNA joins Hennepin Healthcare System

MVNA has signed an Integration Agreement with Hennepin Healthcare System, which wholly operates Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC).

We have a proud history as a community health agency providing services to those in need since 1902. The integration with our key partner, HCMC, is the next step in securing sustainable community health services. Our core mission has not changed and the care we provide through our family health, home care, hospice, palliative care, case management, and community health will continue to grow.

This partnership is fitting and purposeful: MVNA and HCMC share the same mission of providing outstanding care to our community. This mission will be carried out through seamless, uninterrupted care for our clients as they transition from hospital to home. In addition, the integration will provide strong partnerships between HCMC clinics and staff.

MVNA is excited to become a part of the Hennepin Healthcare System family and look forward to improving care for those in need.

Read the news release from Hennepin Healthcare System.