Health Fair 11 launches the next evolution in flu shot clinics!

flu-fighterNo one wants to get sick. Yet every winter, the flu bug makes the rounds causing thousands of people to feel miserable. For some, especially the young and the elderly, the flu can turn deadly. Medical experts agree: the best way to avoid the flu is by getting a yearly flu vaccination.

For nearly two decades Health Fair 11 and MVNA have encouraged people to get vaccinated at one of our Flu Fighter clinics. During that time, our nurses have given more than 870,000 flu vaccinations. Clinics were always held at local grocery stores. But not this year!

Introducing: Flu Fighter To-Go clinics

Now, Health Fair 11 and the MVNA have a new way to protect you and those you love:Flu Fighter To-Go clinics. Flu Fighter To-Go clinics turn the tables on a typical flu shot clinic. Instead of asking you to come to us, we will bring our Flu Fighter clinics to you.

It’s a new way to keep the flu bug at bay!

Do you belong to a book club, parent-teacher association, or church group? How about a men’s breakfast group, Rotary Club, or small business? These are the kinds of groups Health Fair 11 and MVNA are looking reach with Flu Fighter To-Go clinics.

Schedule a Flu Fighter To-Go clinic

Flu Fighter To-Go clinics are available October through December. To learn how to schedule a clinic for your group, check out or .

Flu Fighter To-Go clinic criteria:

  • A minimum of 20 people are needed to schedule a Flu Fighter To-Go clinic. One MVNA RN can vaccinate 25 people in an hour. RNs will be assigned based on the number of anticipated vaccinations.
  • MVNA nurses can vaccinate ages six months and older.
  • MVNA has access to several kinds of vaccine, including nasal spray, trivalent, quadravalent, and high dose. Talk with an MVNA administrator to determine which vaccine is appropriate for your Flu Fighter To-Go clinic.
  • People being vaccinated will be required to sign a consent form and show proof of insurance. A parent or legal guardian will be required to sign consent forms for minors.
  • MVNA accepts 17 different insurance plans. Talk directly with an MVNA administrator to find out if vaccine is available for people without insurance coverage.
  • Scheduling of Flu Fighter To-Go clinics will be determined at the sole discretion of MVNA administrators. MVNA will make every effort to accommodate your group. Here’s a direct link to MVNA’s scheduling page:

MVNA is a nonprofit, home and community health care provider. It has been in serving the community since 1902 and provides care to thousands annually through these service lines: Adult Health, Community Health, Family Health and Hospice. When you partner with MVNA, proceeds support in-home nursing visits. Flu Fighter To-Go clinics help offset the cost of care for those with limited financial means so that MVNA can make a greater impact in the community.

Flu Fighter To-Go clinics are coordinated and staffed by the MVNA. This program is created and sponsored by Health Fair 11, a nonprofit organization that operates with support from Hennepin County Medical CenterUCare, and KARE 11 TV.

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