Family Health Program

MVNA provides family-centered and community-based public health nursing services to clients from diverse racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Public Health Nurses (PHNs) work with families in their homes and other community settings. In coordination with health care providers and local community agencies, PHNs help:


In-Home Family Services

MVNA's in-home Family Health services include:

Family Health Programs






Postpartum and Newborn Home Visiting

  • Skilled nursing assessments of newborn and newly-delivered mother

Teen Parent Program

  • Pregnancy teaching and support
  • Long term home visiting to promote positive parenting and long term self-sufficiency

Pregnancy Support Program

  • Assessment, teaching and support for high-risk pregnant women

Therapeutic and Ill Child Program

  • NBICU Follow-Up - Nursing services for infants discharged from the NBICU
  • Synagis Administration - In-home service for qualified children
  • Pediatric Asthma - Disease management, health promotion and teaching
  • Lead Poisoned Children - Assessment and teaching for children with elevated lead levels
  • Chronically Ill Children and Children with Special Needs - Skilled nursing assessments, teaching and family support.

Family Health Aide Services

  • Services provided under the direction of the PHN to assist with resource referral, parenting support and learning to become self-sufficient

Specialized Contract Programs

  • Child and Teen Checkups - In home service for qualified families
  • Emergency Room Reduction - Services to teach qualified families how to access Medical care for non-emergency needs.
  • Choices Disease Management - Nursing assessments and teaching for qualified individuals with complex medical and psycho-social needs.

Referral Information

To receive MVNA Family Health services, clients must be low income. There is no charge to the client of referral source for Family Health services.

If you have identified someone who could benefit from the services offered by MVNA, please call our Intake office at 612-617-4700 or fax a referral form to 612-331-5348.