Community of Caring

Bridging barriers & supporting clients' health and independence with community support to provide for non-medical needs.

As our nurses visit their clients (new mothers and babies, families and adults), they see a need for non-medical items which would support health, safety and child development.

MVNA has developed a process for connecting the community to those in need for direct delivery of essential, day-to-day necessities called Community of Caring. With the support of the community (businesses, individuals and organizations), MVNA is able to provide assistance to our clients for basic needs and bridge a barrier during difficult times. For our families with children, donors have provided items such as diapers, grocery store certificates, children’s clothing and board books. For older adults, community donations have provided warm clothing, bedding and food.

Your gift will make a dramatic difference.

There are several ways for you to participate:

Collection Drives:

Hold a drive once or twice a year to collect items needed by our clients. Drives can focus on the collection of specific items:

  • Items $10 or less
  • Nutrition (highchairs, booster seats, baby bottles)
  • Mobility (Snuggies, umbrella strollers, bus cards)
  • Safety (gates, portable cribs for safe sleeping, baby-proofing kits)
  • Development (learning toys, board books)

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Send a Monetary Donation:

MVNA can purchase many needed items in bulk (such as baby cribs or highchairs for example), which are requested by our nurses for our clients. You can help MVNA save time and money by making a cash donation today.

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Helping Hands - Holiday Giving

Individuals, families, organizations and businesses...start a new tradition of giving - bring joy to a family on the holidays. MVNA will provide you with a wish list of needed items during the holidays for our clients in need. You do the shopping and bring the gifts unwrapped to the MVNA office and our nurses will deliver the gifts.

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